It is with such pleasure that I announce the opening of the Bayside Actors Agency in 2020. A boutique management agency that will represent and manage any of our students who are looking for representation in the industry.

It is such an exciting addition to Bayside Actors Studio and while it is under the umbrella of the Studio it is a fully separate entity and will be run by the very experienced and fabulous Joanna Jacobs. Some of you might know her from her time at Bubblegum agency which she started. Joanna knows the business inside out.

I get calls from people in the industry all the time looking for actors so it is natural addition to what we already do. Whilst it won’t be compulsory to join the agency it will be an option for those who want to have fair and reasonable representation. I often get asked for recommendations and there is only a handful that I could hand on heart say are fair to their actors.

Coming from the industry in-front of and behind the camera for many years and being lucky enough to have great representation myself with Barbara Gange management in Melbourne, Joanna and I are passionate about not exploiting actors by charging exorbitant fees and insisting on expensive photos.

There will be a small yearly management fee of per student and I know that many charge hundreds per year and this is not right.

Representation enquiries

We will have an information session in early Feb when classes go back and where Joanna will come down and talk and answer all questions.

Kate Whitbread and Joanna Jacobs

Stand by for updates as they come to hand